Pure Coriander Oil

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Botanical Name:    Coriandrum sativum
Major Chemical constituents:    D-linalool , Borneol, cineole, cymene
Obtained from:    Seed
Method of separation:    Steam Distillation
Color and appearance:    Colorless or pale yellow liquid

The essential oil from this ancient herb has a place in aromatherapy, as it helps to ease the mind and fight fatigue,
while it warms and calms the digestive system, relieves rheumatism and arthritic pain, muscular spasms and
detoxifies the body.
Oil properties
Coriander oil has a sweet, spicy, warm smell, is nearly colorless to pale yellow and has a watery viscosity.
Origin of coriander oil
The annual or biennial plant is a native of Morocco and grows to about 1 meter in height. It has sparse,
fine, feathery leaves and pinkish/white flowers, which are followed by green seeds.
The leaves, when crushed, give off an unpleasant odor like squashed bugs. The Greek name 'Koris' (for bug) is the
root word for Coriander.
The seeds have been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians, as an aphrodisiac (with seeds even found in the
tomb of Tutankhamun) and by the Romans and Greeks to flavor their wines, while the Indians use it in their cooking.
The Carmelite order in France used the seeds to flavor their 17th century toilet water. It is still used in Chartreuse and
Benedictine liqueurs.

Coriander oil is extracted from the crushed ripe seeds by steam distillation and yields 0.8 - 1.0 % oil.

Therapeutic properties
The therapeutic properties of coriander oil are analgesic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, carminative, depurative,
deodorant, digestive, carminative, fungicidal, lipolytic, stimulant and stomachic.

Chemical composition
The main chemical components are borneol, linalool, cineole, cymene, terpineol, dipentene, phellandrene, pinene and terpinolene.

No contra-indications are known, but the oil can have a stupefying effect when used in very large doses.

Coriander oil can be useful to refresh and to uplift the mind. It can help for mental fatigue, migraine, tension and nervous
weakness. It has a warming effect on the stomach and relieve wind and cramps, while revitalizing the glandular system.
It is helpful for alleviating rheumatism and arthritis pain, as well as muscle spasms and is useful with colds and flu.
It also acts as a general cleanser of the body, to rid it of toxins and fluid wastes.
Vapor therapy or burner
In vapor therapy, coriander oil can stimulate the mind and ease fatigue, while assisting with eating disorders and
improving appetite.
Diluted in a bath or ingredient in massage oil
Diluted in the bath, or as part of a massage oil, coriander oil can help assist the digestive system, ease rheumatism
and arthritis pain and muscular spasm, while detoxifying the body.
In a cream or lotion
As part of a cream or lotion, coriander oil can help with tension, mental fatigue, migraine, muscle spasms, arthritis
and rheumatism pains and digestive problems, but should be used with care, as it may irritate some individual's skin.
Coriander oil blends well with
Although most essential oils blend well together, coriander oil blends particularly well with bergamot,cinnamon, ginger,
grapefruit, lemon, neroli and orange.

Appearance: colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Aroma / flavor: soft aroma is sweet and spicy, slightly spicy taste, have characteristic
aroma of coriander.
Weight: (20 °C) 0.862-0.878
Optical rotation: (20 °C) +5 °- +13 °
Refractive index: (20 °C) 1.462-1.470
Acid value: 3~22
Solubility: soluble in ethanol in 65% 1:8
Ingredients: pinene, two pentene geraniol, linalool, dextran, acetic acid
Linalool content: 65%
Application: tobacco, liquor, beverage flavoring, is also used in the curry powder and bacon
flavor.Daily flavor flavoring.Manufacturing and oleic acid soap.

Packaging Detail:1bottle/piece 10ml Amber glass bottles, 100ml Amber glass bottles, 1000ml Aluminum Canisters

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