Oregano essential oil

Quick Details
Type: Pure Essential Oil
Raw Material: Leaves
Ingredient: Oregano
Botanical name: Origanum compactum
Pure Essential Oil: Natural Essential Oil
Appearance:yellow liquid
Raw Material:Leaves
Analysis Item Specification Result Method
Content 90.0% 95% 98%  GC
Contain: carvacrol95% thymol1%
Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics

Oregano Oil
The benefits of oregano oil far exceed what most people would even know or be acquainted with. I mean most of
us know it as an herb or oil we use in ourtomato sauce or put on top of our pizza!
Because it is high in phenols, as is thyme, clove, basil, tea tree and peppermint essential oils, it cleanses receptor
 sites and combats free radicals as well.But the benefits of oregano oil go beyond cooking purposes. Its antiviral,
antibacterial and immune stimulating properties make it highly effective for many
pathogenic infections.
I like to use it for cooking, of course, and for infections. Place it diluted in a vegetable capsule, or put it in your food or
drink to get it in your body when you feel something coming on.
Better yet, get a Raindrop session. Oregano oil is used during Raindrop Technique where it is applied NEAT (undiluted)
to the spine (more oregano oil benefits!).I designed this section so you could use it as a fun and easy reference guide.
It will tell you how to use your oil and what to use it for. It will also provide you with some fun tips, testimonials and
oil trivia!

1.With wide antibacterial spectra, no chemical resistance, effective to Bacillus coli, salmonella, pastometer bacillus, micrococcus pneumoniae, staphylococcus aureus etc. Prevent white diarrhea of piglets and chickens, purify origin disease.
2.Enhance digestion and absorption, improve conversion rate of feed and daily weight of animal, promote growth obviously.
3.Improve flavor of flesh and capacity of conservation of water.
4.This product has good compatibility and joint action with antibiotics, enzyme preparation, organic acid, amino acids chelate compound.
5.With excellent antioxidation, mould proofing and anticorrosive effect, oregano oil is an ideal choice for production of organism food and products without environmental pollution.
Packaging Details:Well Packed in Aluminum Bottles & G.I. Drums

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