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Akarkara Extract

Product details
Type:Akarkara Extract
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Appearance:Light Brown colored powder
Identification:Positive for Alkaloids by TLC

 Akarkara also Known As Anacyclus Pyrethrum Or Pellitory Is One Of The Most Nutritive Ayurveda Herb.
It Improves Physical Strength Of A Fellow And Works As A Good Aphrodisiac. Akarkara benefits A Lot In Premature Ejaculation. It Corrects The Metabolism And Helps In Expelling The Unnecessary Fluids Out Of The Body. Akarkara strengthens The Immune System And Helps To Combat Day To Day Infections.

    Akarkara is Used With Oil For Massage In Hemiplegia And Nervine Debility.
    Decoction Of Akarkara root Is Used For Gargling In Dental Caries, Toothache And Tonsillitis.
    In Abscess, Akarkara is Applied Externally For Assimilation And Maturation. By Its Application, Skin Becomes Reddish And Boils Occur.
    Akarkara is Applied Externally As An Analgesic.
    Akarkara Nasya Is Given In Chronic Rhinitis And Cold.
    Akarkara is Used In Various Aphrodisiac Oils Prepared In Unani Medicine.
    Akarkara is Used Internally In Various Types Of Vata Disorders And Low Pitta.
    Akarkara is Used In Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Inflammation.
    Akarkara is Useful In Rough And Hoarseness Of Voice.
    Akarkara is Also Helpful In Impotency Caused By Weakness Of Nerves. It Is Used As Rasayana In Kapha Diseases.
    If The Akarkara root Powder Is Given In A Dose Of More Than 0.5 To 1 Gm, It Results In Nausea, Bleeding Increase In Heart Rate, Unconsciousness Etc. In Such Conditions, Milk And Other Pitta Pacifying Measures Should Be Used As Antidotes.

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