Ammonium bicarbonate
Molecular Formula : NH4HCO3
Molecule Weight :  79.0054
Appearance : White Free Flowing Crystal

Property: white monoclinic crystal or rhombic crystal,relative density is 1.573, not dissolve in ethanol, carbon dioxide and strong ammonia;easy to dissolve in water and glycerin. It is not stable in the air. It will decompose alkaline air,carbon dioxide and water when heated.
Application :  It is a white powder crystal that can make baking food such as bread, biscuit etc. It can be vacuolated rapidly and used in chemical materials such as polyacrylamide, zirconium carbonate and magnetic, producing electronics component that can improve the quality.
Be used as high-grade food fermentation agent. Share with baking soda be
used as bread, biscuit, battercake etc leavening agent materials, also be used as foaming
powder juice raw material. And be used for green vegetable , bamboo shoot etc scald
bleaching, medicine and reagent.
National Standard
total alkalinity (as NH4HCO3) 99.2%-100.5% min.
Chloride (as Cl) 0.003%max
Sulphate (as SO4) 0.007%max
non-volatile matter 0.05%max
Melamine 0
Arsenic content ( As ) (%) 0.0002%Max
Heavy Metal content ( Pb ) (%) 0.0005%Max

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