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Cheese Stabilizer
The guar gum is one of the most popular food additives in the modern foodstuff industry application. It is a kind of natural vegetable gum; the main component is the galactomannan with the molecular weight at 1 ~ 2 million which features it a most favorable thickener. The guar gum has very high viscosity which can reach to the peak value at the PH 6 ~ 8; therefore it is widely used in the foodstuff industry as the thickener, the stabilizer and the suspending agent.
1. Frozen Foodstuff
In the production of the ice cream, the pasty food and the frozen cake, it could be used to maintain the moisture and to inhibit the ice crystal, and work as the stabilizer.
2. Instant Noodle
It makes the dough flexible and strong with far less ruptures in cutting process; it helps to save the oil in the frying process which can keep the noodle creamy but not oily; it can enhance the strength of the noodle and keep the limpid soup when boiling for food.
3. Bakery
In the production of the bread and the cake etc, it could work as the dough improver, it can absorb the big cluster structure water and prolong the shelf life of the product.
4. Cheese
In the cheese production, it can promote the clot forming and improve the mildness.
5. Dairy
It can be used to maintain the same quality and texture after the sterilization in the yoghourt, the jelly and the sauce.
6. Beverage
It works as the antacid, the thickener and the suspending agent in the beverage such as the coconut milk, the fruit juice and the low-calorie drinks.






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