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Citrullus colocynthis Extract
it's english name is bitter cucumber or colocynth.its mostly found in warmer climate and dry areas.its flower is yellow color
botanical classification
family - cucurbitanceae
genus- citrulluse
kingdom- plantae
chemical constituents-
its pulp contains certain chemical agents like colocynthin,certain fixed or stable oils,resins that are not solubal in ether,sticky,substances i.e. gums,pectin,certain minerals like calcium and magnesium. traces of magnesium phosphates have also been seen. lignin is also present.their active ingredients are phytosterol glycoside,claterin,albuminoids. it also contains bitter substance colocynthin and colocynthetin. seed contain phytosterolin2 phytosterols and hydrocarbans,polysccharides and glycosides.it also contains anti tuberous agents like cucurbitacin b and cucurbitacin - e.
it is used as purgative and allows reliving the intestines from constipation.its also have a vermifugal action.it is very much used as a blood purifier and is a good remedy in cases of poisoning like snake bite and scorpion bite.it also used to eradicate the tumors present in the stomach. or in the region of the gastro intestinal tract.it also stimulate liver and regularizes bile secretion.it is also used inscrapping out the corns and warts on the skin.it is more pronouncedly used in anti cancerous drugs,hence it is effective in leukemia i.e. blood disorder.
it also a good remedy against a disease known as ascites.it is also a good against menstrual disorder.it used have also been seen in joint pain and arthritis.kidneys are also stimulated by it hence.it also keep the urinary tract fine.
its dried pulp is being used in various forms.may it be powder or it can be paste made out it is mainly used in the form of tumors,ulcers and cancerous growth as its main function is scrapping out the extra tissues.it is also used in constipation as is is a strong purgative.
Polyphenols and    Flavonoids

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