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Cocamide DEA
Other Name: Coco Fatty Acid Diethanolamide(CDEA), Diethanolamide of Coconut Fatty Acid
Molecular Formula: RCON(C2H4OH)2  R:Coco alkyl
Added in shampoo and hand washing, it can not only stablize foam and thicken the liquid, but also will reduce the irritation to skin.
For it can soften fibre textile, it is especially suitable for washing animal’s fibre, such as hair and thread, etc.
Its applications are in liquid detergent, shampoo, dishware detergent, liquid soap, fibre modifier, wool cleanser and metal rinser, etc.
Also uded in electric plating, shoe polish and printing ink etc.
Usage and dosage:
Used as a detergent, increase the bubble agents, thickening agents, stabilizer and so on, apply to shampoo, bath, hand sanitizer, cleanser, XiYiYe and other products. Recommended dosage: 1-4%.
Appearance    Yellowish clear liquid.
Amide content (%)    Min. 90
Free fatty acid (%)    Max. 0.5
Free amine content (%)    1.87 - 6.55
Moisture (%)    Max. 0.5
Refractive index    1.4697-1.4816
pH value (1% aqueous)    9.0-11.0
Free amine value (mg KOH/g)    10-35
Ester (%)    Max. 7
Color(APHA)    Max. 300

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