Alias: Phenol, 4-dodecyl, p-n-Dodecylphenol
Molecular formula:C12H25C6H4OH
Relative molecular mass:262.43
Boiling point: 310℃
Property:a mixture of several isomers
It is used for producing surfactant with non-ionic, ionic and Gemini types. It has multi-function of emulsification, dispersibility and wetting. It is a raw material for non-ionic surfactant such as alkylphenol additive, demulsifier, metal cleaner, emulsifier, wetting agent and leveling agent. It is also used as antioxidant, stabilizer and raw materials for auxiliary in rubber and plastics industry.
Chemicals such as rosin modified phenolic resin, sulfurized alkyl phenolate T115, calcium nonylphenyl phenolate, barium nonylphenyl phenolate, nonylphenol ethoxylate, pesticide spraying assistant, lubricant additive, phenolic resin.
Used as surfactant in printing inks:
Surfactant to prevent color dispersion and loose color.
Surfactant for water-based inks.
Polymerizable surfactant for printing inks.
Surfactant for offset printing inks.

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