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Dry Milk Powder
Product Description
Milk Fat : Max 1.25 %
Moisture : Max 4.00 %
Protein : Approx. 36 %
Minerals : Max 8.00 %
Titrable Acidity  Max 1.5 %
WPNI.  1.51-5.99mg/gm
Plate Count : Max 10,000/gm
Coilform,Salmonella, Yeast, Staphylococci : Absent
Impurity index: 12 mg/kg max
Total plate count absent in 50 000cfu/g
Coliform absent in 90 MPN / 100g

Appearance creamy white to cream colour, free flowing
Flavour & Odour No off flavour or taste. Clean sweet creamy taste.

Whole Milk Powder, also known as Full Cream Milk Powder, is the soluble powder made by spraying fresh pasteurized cow’s milk. It has good solubility, good flow process and rich creamy flavor. Whole Milk Powder is suitable in wide range of application including dairy products, bakery and confectionery products, dry blends, nutritional supplements and snack foods. Our Whole milk powder shall be entirely free from lumps and practically free from visible dark particles.

Bakery, chocolate and confectionary products
Beverages, desserts, soups and sauces
Ice cream, recombined and fermented products
Milk Replacer can partially replace the powdered milk, and reduce the products cost.
Milk Replacer is a high quality, spray-dried, emulsified, white to cream color powder mainly made of glucose syrup and vegetable oil. It has following features:   
Improve the ability of dissolving;
Match the coordination synergized action with the powdered milk; make the milk fragrance to be fuller and richer;
Partially replace the powdered milk, and reduce the product cost.
Packaging Detail:Multiwall kraft bags with polyethylene inner liner or other approved closed container, i.e., "tote bags", etc.      

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