Ethylene glycol stearate
Chemical Name: Glycol Mono Stearate
Chemical structure: R-COOCH2 CH2OH     R=C17—C15
The glycol stearin heats up after the surface active agent compound dissolves or the emulsification, in the temperature decrease process can separate out the mirror laminated shape to crystallize, thus has the pearly luster gloss.The use may produce the obvious pearly luster results in the liquid lavation product, and can increase the product the viscosity, but also has moistens the skin, raises sends protects sends with the anti-static electricity function.Is good with other type surface active agent intermiscibility, also can manifest its stable pearly luster effect and dewater the recuperation function.Does not have the stimulation to the skin, does not have the damage to the hair.Comparatively the glycol double stearin produces the pearly luster is intense, the glycol single stearin produces the pearly luster is exquisite.
EGMS is a synthetic wax for shampoos, hand cleaners and as pearling, masking and softening agent. It applicable  in melted form and so adding to warm or hot shampoos base, after slow cooling pearled form appears.
IRAPON EGMS is also provides slight conditioning properties. It is used as an opacifier in liquid foam baths. IRAPON EGMS is a very good emulsion stabilizer and keeps stable for long period
Form                                 White flake
Solid%                               100
Melting point(ºC )               54-61
Acid No                             5 max
Solubility                            not soluble in water, soluble in IPA, toluene
Moisture content%             1.0 max
Mono ester                         25% min
Total ester %                      99% max
Ash%                                 0.05 max
Saponification value           170-195


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