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Fiber potatoes
Besides starch and protein, Avebe also extracts potato fibers from potatoes. These fibers provide excellent texturizing benefits and/or high nutritional value in both human and animal nutrition.
benefits of potato fibres
Excellent texturizing benefits
High nutritional value
Free from allergens

Potatoes are high in fiber, with some types giving you close to 3 grams in each serving. The perk of fiber from potatoes is that it comes in both forms, soluble and insoluble, although the insoluble content is higher. Each type of fiber has specific benefits for your body, but you’ll have to leave the skin on to get the full effect.
Benefits of Insoluble Fiber
Much of the insoluble fiber in potatoes comes from the skin, so don't peel it away. Insoluble fiber pushes through your gut, forcing out waste to help you have bowel movements on a routine basis. Regularity is important for reducing your risk of hemorrhoids, as well as for minimizing your chances of suffering from painful inflammation from diverticular disease.

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