Formulation of lactic cheese
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Formulation of lactic cheese
Lactic cheese(2.5-3)% of full fat milk plus
5kg stabilizer 995 kg of whole milk for lactic cheese.
Production method
First standardize the milk(2.5-3) then increased milk temperature(96 C)and then mixed with 20 liter of distilled water(35 C) added to the mix,added to distilled water added to milk and for a few second(about 20 second)turn on the mixer until well dissolved. Then after  a few minutes  in fixed tank hold after clot formation ,dewatering carried out and then coagulation as much as three times the weight clot and put on weight after a limited time(6-7 minutes)then cut the cheese.(Befor pressing flavour  such as cumin and sesame can also use for it)manufactured product  plased in salt water(7-12%).To prevent contamination from salt water it used hot.At the end packed the product.
4.5 to 5.5 kg milk  perkg of cheese harvested.
Expressed time and temperature are observed.
Mix the solution thoroughly sure.
Percent of salt water is suggested.
To prevent contamination from salt water hot as recommended.
Sesame is recommended if you used the stabilizer also be used.
For more information about method and formulation production,Please contact. 

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