Galbanum Essential Oil

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Common Name:Levant or Soft Galbanum, Persian or Hard Galbanum
Botanical Name:Ferula galbaniflua,Ferula rubricaulis,Ferula ceratophylla
Family Name:Umbelliferae
Parts Use:Gum
Other Name:Galbanum, Resinoid

Galbanum oil, Iran has an odor that is described by experts as intensely green.
Spicy and herbal, it has been compared to green peppers and tossed salad. It is
balsamic and has subtle piney notes probably due to the presence of several pinenes.
Accordingly, it blends well with pines and evergreens. Galbanum is a gum derived
from the root of Ferula galbaniflua, an umbelliferous plant that grows wild in the
desert plateau regions of Iran, Afghanistan and a few neighboring countries Nearly
100% of the Galbanum used in perfumery is harvested in Iran, in particular in the
Elburz mountains near the Turkmen border northeast of Teheran, and also in the
southwest of the country.

Galbanum oil is preferably used in conjunction with lighter, refreshing and less complex essential oils such as Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit and also Rose unless making a more voluptuous fragrance where it can be added to Ylang-Ylang, Frankincense, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Cardamon, Tuberose or Lotus.
Galbanum is a very important scent for certain psychosomatic problems such as panic attacks caused by stress. Some people have suggested that it can be helpful with claustrophobia and agrophobia because of its earthy nature and may be good for S.A.D. or for people who are confined indoors.
It is said to be anti-infectious, anti-spasmodic and is often used in sport remedies for muscular pain.
Marguerite Maury, specifically recommends it for mature skin in a blend of Elemi, Galbanum, Violet leaves and Lemongrass

Packaging Details:Well Packed in Aluminum Bottles & G.I. Drums..

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