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Gel emulsifie cakes and candies
Gel emulsifiers can be applied in both cakes and bread, bringing different benefits to the baked goods depending on application.
In baking powder-based products,
Gel emulsifiers are applied to improve both volume and texture. Owing to their active Gel-phase, emulsifiers give direct effect when added in the batter. Their precise formulation maintains the active gel-phase for up to one year.
Gel emulsifiers enable the All-in mixing method and provide a homogenous cake batter with the preferred volume. Both the baking stability and the batter tolerance are improved. Furthermore, these products also extend freshness by retarding moisture loss and inhibiting staling.
When applied in bread or other kinds of yeast-raised products, the alpha-gel emulsifier strengthens the gluten structure early in the baking process, which stabilizes the dough and improves the dough handling properties remarkably. Shorter mixing time is required and it is also possible to add more water to the dough.
Gel emulsifiers can also successfully be applied in ice cream.

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