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Ginkgo Extract
Ginkgo Biloba Extract widely used as the additive in health care products, foods, beverages and cosmetics etc.
Total Flavones Glycoside  22%-27%
Quercetin Glycoside
Kaempferol Glycoside
Isorhamnetin Glycoside
Total Terpence Lactones  5.4%-12.0%
Lactones A
Lactones B
Lactones C     2.6%-5.8%
Ginkgolic Acid  ≤5.0%
Ginkgolide A
Purity:> 98%
Molecular Formula:C20H24O9
Molecular Weight:408.40
Appearance:White powder
Solubility:Soluble in ethyl acetate, methanol, ethanol, dimethyl sulfoxide
Melting Point:330-332°C
Loss on drying:≤0.5%
Package Size:Package and quantity according to customer's detail requirement.
1. stress ulcer prevention;
2. improve myocardial ischemia;
3. antidepresson, antianxiety.

Ginkgolide B
Appearance: Yellow fine powder.
Solubility: Soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, ether etc.
Test method: HPLC
Molecular Formula: C20H24O10
Molecular Weight: 424.4 g/mol
Storage: Preserve in tight,light resistant containers,protected from moisture, and store at controlled room temperature.
Standard: USP31.
Main applications:
(1) Improve blood circulation;
(2) Dilation of blood vessel and inhibit of the formation of the thrombosis;
(3) Improve memory;
(4) Free radical scavenging activity.

Ginkgolide C
chemical name:1,7-Dihydroxy-ginkgolide C
Appearance:white powder
Molecular fomula: C20H24O11
Molecular weight:440.39796
Melting point:300°C
Maior functions:raise the efficiency of treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Shelf Life:2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light
Packing and Storage: Pack in aluminum foil bag and one plastic-bag inside. Net weight: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

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