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Density: 1.25
Melting point: 18°C
Boiling point: 290°C
Flash point: 160°C
A colourless and odourless, sweet-tasting viscous liquid and it is hygroscopic.
Miscible with water and ethanol; aqueous solution is neutral.
Soluble in ethyl acetate and ether; insoluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride,
carbon bisulfide, petroleum ether and oils.
It is a good solubilizer, plasticizer, moisturising and preserving agent.
1) In medicine, it is used to making various preparations, solvent, hygroscopic agent, antifreeze and sweeteners, preparation for external use ointment or suppository, with glycerol nitroglycerin used for explosive materials.
2) In the coatings industry, it is used for making all kinds of alkyd resin and polyester resin, epoxy resin and glycidyl ether.
3) In textile and printing industry, it is used for preparing wetting agent hygroscopic agent, fabric anti-creasing shrink proof treatment agent, dispersant and penetrating agent.
4) In the food industry , it is used as sweetener, tobacco hygroscopic agent and solvent
5) In addition, in the paper, cosmetics, leather, photography, printing, metal processing rubber and other industries widely
Industrial grade
Hazen Color ≤,10
Glycerine,% ≥99.5
Density(20c g/ml) ≥1.2559
Sulphuric Ash% ≤0.01
Acidity or Alkalinity(mmol/100g) ≤0.1
Saponification value(lmmol/100g) ≤1

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