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Synonyms:  Isomaltitol; Palatinitol; 6-O-a-D-Glucopyranosyl-D-glucitol
Molecular Formula:  C12H24O11
Molecular Weight:  344.32
Isomalt Function
Lower Caloric Value: For food labeling purposes in the United States, an energy value of only 2 calories per gram is used for isomalt. Isomalt's lower caloric value is partly due to the fact that intestinal enzymes are not able to easily hydrolyze its more stable disaccharide bond. Less of it is digested and, therefore, less absorbed from the small intestine into the blood, and this happens slowly.
Supports Gut Health: Daily intake of 30 g isomalt was demonstrated to promote an increase of the “good” bacteria in the large intestine, the bifidobacteria, demonstrating the prebiotic effect of isomalt. The water-binding property of isomalt may influence the structure of the content of the gut, making it softer. If the consistency of the feces is too soft, it can be regulated by cutting down intake and allowing some time for adaptation. Like dietary fibers, isomalt is broken down by the gut bacteria to so called short chain fatty acids (SCFA) and gases. SCFA have the advantage of decreasing acidity in the large intestine and some SCFA are discussed as being beneficial for a healthy epithelium in the large intestine.
Less Dental Caries Risk: Isomalt is anti-cariogenic and does not promote dental caries, because oral bacteria cannot readily convert it into decay causing acids. Therefore, the acidic conditions that lead to tooth demineralization do not develop after consuming isomalt, as occurs after eating sugar and other fermentable carbohydrates. Furthermore, isomalt cannot be converted by oral bacteria into polyglucan, the substance from which dental plaque is synthesized.
Benefits – natural taste, low calories, low hygroscopicity and toothfriendly.
ISOMALT suits all kinds of people, especially those people who are not fit to sugar.
Main Function of Isomalt
The Advantage of Isomalt
1.  It is fitful for diabetes patients to eat and will not lead to the rise of blood glucose and insulin.
2.  It is fitful for children and don’t cause tooth decay.
3.  It is slower than cane in solubility, but it does not cause the rise of blood glucose and insulin, so the diabetes patients can take it. However, the fat people can’t take it.
4.  High stability.
5.  The sweet is natural and pure.
6.  It has lower hygroscopicity, so it is very easy to transport it.
ISOMALT is a white, crystalline substance containing about 5% water(free & crystal). It can be made in a wide range of particle sizes – from granulate to powder – to suit any application.
In this manufacture sucrose is used as raw material. Sucrose is Isomerized by enzyme to become Isomaltulose, of which the unsaturated carbonylwill be hydrogenated with the help of catalyst to become saturated hydroxyunder the conditions of high temperature and pressure, thus changing Isomaltulose into Isomaltitol. In fact, Isomaltitol is the mixture of GPS and GPM. 

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