Lauryl alcohol Myristyl

Product Description
Information: Fatty alcohols can be natural, derived from plant-based oils like palm or coconut, or they can be synthetic. They act as emulsifiers, emollients, viscosity controllers and dispersants. They function as chemical intermediates, most often used in surfactants to enhance foaming and cleaning properties in detergents and cleaners. The chemical reactions of primary alcohols include esterification, sulfonation and ethoxylation. Like their fatty acid counterparts, they come in a variety of carbon chain lengths. Acme-Hardesty can help you with veg-based Caprylic, Capric, Lauryl, Lauryl Myristyl, Cetearyl, Cetyl and Stearyl

After fatting,hydrogenating and fractional distilltion, the fatty alcoholcan be used in the indutry of cosmetics, plastics,leather ,textile and synthetic detergent.
Its balanced surfactant properties and good dermatological compatibility make it eminently suited for use as a basic surfactant in mild cleansing preparations.
Surfactants and Esters: A Chemical Intermediate to Make Fatty Alcohol Sulfates and Ethoxylates
Lubricants and Greases: Acrylates and Methacrylates, Fatty Alcohol Esters
Personal Care: Emollient, Emulsifier, Viscosity Modifier
Soaps and Detergents: Foam Stabilizer, Cleaning Booster
Textiles: Intermediate to Make Surfactants Used in Fabric Processing

Appearance at 25 Deg. C
Colourless Liquid
Acid Value mg KOH /gm 0.1 Max.
Sap. Valuemg KOH /gm 0.5 Max.
Iodine Value gm /100gm 0.3 Max.
Colour  APHA 10 Max.
Hydrocarbons % by wt. 0.5 Max.
Hydroxyl Value mg KOH /gm 285 – 295
Moisture % by wt. 0.1 Max.
Carbon Chain Distribution by GLC (%) C8 & C10 0 – 2
C12 70 – 78
C14 22 – 30
C16 & C18 < 2
Other Parameters
Average Mol. Wt. gm / mol.190 – 197
Solidification Range Deg. C 17 – 23
Density at 30 Deg. C  gm / cc 0.820 – 0.830
Flash Point  Deg. C. Approx. 135
Boiling Range  Deg. C. 255 – 295


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