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Lead nitrate
Molecular Formula: Pb(NO3)2
Relative molecular mass:331.21
Physicochenical Properties: White cube monoclinic crystal. Relative density 4.53 (20 ℃). Easily dissolve in water, liquid ammonia, hydrazine, slightly soluble in acetic acid. Does not dissolve in strong nitric acid. Strong oxidant, can urge it burning contacting with the organic matter. Venomousness!
Sugar industry for manufacture of glass milk yellow
Paper industry as paper yellow
Dyeing industry as coal agent
Industry for the manufacture of other inorganic lead salts and dioxide
Pharmaceutical industry for manufacture of convergence agent
Benzene industry as a tanning agent
Photographic industry as a photosensitizer
Mining industry for ore flotation agent
Suitable for production of matches, fireworks , explosives, oxidizers and analysis of chemical reagents
High-purity Content [Pb(NO3)2],% ≥99.0
Water insoluble,% ≤0.005
Chloride (Cl),% ≤0.001
Calcium(Ca),% ≤0.005
Copper(Cu),% ≤0.002
Ferrum (Fe),% ≤0.001
Potassium(K),% ≤0.05
Sodium(Na),% ≤0.02
Free acid (As HNO3),% ≤0.25

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