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Maiden'Hair Extract

  Product details
Variety: Maiden Hair Extract
Form: Powder
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Test method:HPLC

Maiden Hair improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain and has been most effective in treating senility, dementia, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and ADD (attention deficit disorder) in adults Its most exciting application may be in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease by helping to speed the blood flow to the brain and aiding the brain to utilize glucose efficiently By improving blood flow to the brain it also helps to prevent strokes, cerebral
arteriosclerosis and other diseases of peripheral circulation. Maiden Hair is believed
to reduce the risk of heart attack.
At the same time, it improves blood flow and helps other vital areas of the body, Maiden
Hair seems to prevent the blood clots, which lead to heart attacks.

  Maiden'Hair Extract Function  

An astringent, antifungal and antibacterial, Maiden Hair is thought to help ward off
kidney infections, diphtheria, dysentery, hemorrhoids and toxic shock, and has been
beneficial in the effect on the urinary system, by treating incontinence and excessive
urination. It is also useful in treating vaginal infection.
A powerful antioxidant it helps to protect the brain from neurotoxicity.  And it is
said to prevent free-radical damage and age-related declines in brain function.
It may also prevent free radical damage in the kidneys and liver.
Problems with the respiratory tract are thought to be improved with the use of this
herbal extract. It treats bronchial constriction, asthma, chesty coughs (with thick
phlegm) and tuberculosis.
Maiden Hair has been used to provide relief for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome,
including fluid retention and breast tenderness. Also has been used for relieving
painful and excessive menstruation.

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