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Maltitol,  called hydrogenated maltose, is produced by maltose hydrogenation and is an important sugar alcohol sweetener. Presently, there are two products available: (1) Crystallized maltitol and (2) Common liquid maltitol. Maltitol cannot be digested and absorbed in the human body. It also cannot cause an increase of the blood glucose level after eating. Due to its special physiological function, maltitol has become a top-grade healthy sweetening agent. It not only tastes good, but also is low in calories and anticariogenic. In addition, it is not susceptible to mold, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria. Therefore, foods, candies, and toothpastes with maltitol are all anticariogenic and have an extended storage life. After consuming maltitol, blood glucose and urine sugar level will not be increased. However, as glucose and cane sugar can be easily absorbed, it will increase the blood glucose level. Maltitol is not directly involved with metabolism and does not cause blood glucose levels to sharply rise. Thus, maltitol is quite suitable for people with diabetes. In addition, maltitol hardly has any effect on stimulating insulin secretion. When combined with fats, they will work to effectively suppress any surplus or accumulation of fat in human bodies. Thus, maltitol can be used as a sweetening agent when making ice cream, creamy pastries, toffee, and other high-fat products while effectively preventing obesity.

1). Maltitol, is a sugar free, reduced calorie sweetener made from corn. It has a pleasant sugar-like taste and sweetness.
2). Maltitol, has about half the calories of sugar and is useful for making a variety of sugar free and reduced calorie foods is a kind of sugar alcohol made from starch through hydrolysis, hydrogenation. It can be easily dissolved in water. It has a moderate sweet taste and the sweet intensity is lower than sucrose. It features in lower heat, heat-resistance, acid-resistance. The blood sugar can increase in human body after having it. It is a new functional sweetener.
3). Maltitol, has special physiological functions and physical and chemical characteristics, and has special that other sweetener can substitute. It is widely used in Many industries such as food process, health products, etc.
Maltitol properties:
Unfermentable:  Most bacteria in oral cavity can not utilize maltitol for fermentation to yield acid, so it has the function for tooth-decay prevention, as the sweetener it is used for sugar- free candies, sugar- free chewing gum and other food, it can prolong shelf life food; Used for lactic acid drink, it can make the drink with long existing sweetness.
High Viscosity:  As the thickener and sweetener, it is used for syrup, fruit wine, catsup and other drinks.
Stable humidity and anti-crystalization: Compared with glycerin and sorbitol, its absorption and releasing of moisture is more stable, this character can adjust the moisture in food to prevent quick drying or frost in refrigerator, so it is used for candies, cakes, bread and other foods.
Good Stability and Low-calorie:It has high heat resistance when heating with amino acid and protein together, it will not cause the Maillard reaction; it is also stable to acid.It basically can not be utilized in metabolism of human body, will not cause the blood glucoselevel to rise, so it is used forthe sugar-free foods specially suitable for diabetic patients and for the people to control weight of body.
Good  sweetener: As a function sweetener and food additives.it is getting more widely used for healthy foods, dink and medicine syrup etc.
1. In functional food
Nearly no absorption or anabolism in human body, can be used as raw material to produce food to diabetic and obesity patients.
2. In confectionery and chocolate
With Maltitol's good taste, moisture retention and non-crystallization, good to be used for producing confectionery, including cotton candy, hard candy, transparent soft candy and etc.
3.In fruit juice drinks
viscosity and non-fermentation, good to be used in floating fruit juicy drinks or lactic acid drinks instead of sugar, to get a better, fuller and smoother taste.
4.In frozen food
Add Maltitol in to ice cream to make it finer and viscous, the product can taste fuller sweet and have longer shelf life.
Maltitol is approved to be the additive used in cold drinks, cakes, fruit juice drinks, biscuits, breads, pickles and confectionery, confirm the amount according to different production requirements.


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