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Marshmallow Extract
Althaea Officinalis Extract

Product Details:
Product Name: Althaea Officinalis Extract
Latin Name: Althaea officinalis L.
Family Name :Malvaceae
Common Name : Marshmallow, Gulkhairo
ProductType:White powdered extract
Part Of Used: Root, Leaves, Flowers
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water

Functions of Marshmallow Root Extract
1. Aiding the body in removing excess fluids, also it helps sooth mucus membranes due to hacking dry coughs or chest colds.
2. These properties also make it popular as a source of relief from sore throat.
3. Marshmallow is a natural source of many vitamins and minerals including B complex vitamins, calcium, sodium, iron, vitamin A and zinc
4. Marshmallow are also used as filler in pills, acting as a gelling agent.

Benefits of Marshmallow leaf Extract
1.One of the ways it has been used for hundreds of years is a soothing agent for conditions such as sore throats, coughs and other respiratory problems. It can help with relief from pain caused by bronchitis and whooping cough.
2. It is helpful in breaking up phlegm as well. Some studies indicate that marshmallow root extract is an effective product for weight loss. It is believed that the product swells in the stomach and creates a full feeling.
It does not burn fat, but can cause people to consume less. In addition to this, it has also been used readily as an aid for diarrhea as well as to minimize discomfort from indigestion.
3. Other studies indicate it is a good alternative to harsher medications for the treatment of gastrointestinal reflux disease and Crohn's disease.
4. In addition, it can be placed on sores and inflammation on the skin and works as an anti-inflammatory medication. In this regard, it can help to reduce pain and help speed healing. Although you should check with the manufacturer first, some products may be mixed with water and swished around the mouth
to reduce bacteria and inflammation there. Small drops may be placed on a child’s gums to help sooth pain caused by teeth.
5.Marshmallow leaves for cough and sore throat is a useful remedy. Calming effect of Marshmallow leaves on body can be experienced by smoking and drinking

Daily Dosage of Marshmallow products
Maximum recommended dose of marshmallow leaves not more than 5 grams per day! However strength of preparations may vary, so manufacturer's instructions should be followed whenever available. Below information for your reference :
1. Loose leaves / leaves powder: one to two ml of Marshmallow extract, two to three times a day (equivalent to 5grams of marshmallow leaves daily ).
2. Infusion:1-2 grams of leaves in 150 ml water, two to three times daily. Soak one to two grams of leaves for 1 hour in 150 ml of cold water. stir, strain and warm before drinking, 2-3 times/day.
3.Capsules: Three 400mg capsules of marshmallow polysaccharides at most 3 times a day.
4. Tincture 1:2 (25-50%) = Herb: Water (Alcohol%) - 1ml of tincture in water 2-3 times/day.

Marshmallow Extract
Part of Used  leaf
Latin Origin  Althaea officinalis L.
Analysis Item  Specification
Polysaccharides  >50%
Appearance  Light brown powder
Odor Characteristic
Remarks : 100% pure Althaea officinalis origin and Non-Irradiated & Non-GMO.
Packing & Storage : Packing in 5 kg/fiber-bags, Store in cool and dry place 2 years when properly stored.


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