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Product Details
Other Names:     Hexahydrothymol     MF:     C10H20O
Type: Natural Flavour & Fragrances
Natural Variety: Plant Extract
Usage:Daily Flavor,Food Flavor,Tobacco Flavor,cosmetic
Brand Name:Adonis Aroma
Model Number:USP BP EP
Appearance:colorless acicular crystal
Menthol white crystal [Pharmacology function]: itching, pain relieving and anti-corrosion and stimulating, narcotic, cool
Natural menthol Menthol mint leaves and stems extract, white crystals, using supercritical carbon dioxide extracted from the mint menthol (menthol).
It can easy soluble in alcohol,chloroform,ethylether,ceresin wax,volatile oil. but lightly soluble in water.
anti-inflammatory, analgesic ease the itching and swelling; Oral: ease local inflammation (pharyngitis), a cold,
stomach carminativea and etc.

Items of     inspection        Standard
Character :Colorless needle-like crystal or white crystallinei  powder
Melting Point :42°C~44°C
Optical Rotation :-49°~-50°
Heavy Metal: <10PPm
qualified:Nonvolatile Matter
Content: Menthol≥99%
Packaging & Deliverya
Packaging Detail: 25kg cardboard barrel ,in inner of cardboard with PE bag to protect the Product.also can denpen
on your requirement
To store in closed containers. Keep in a cool and dry place below 33°C, avoid sunshine and rain.


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