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Oil shortening
Shorteners make baked goods tender and moist. This occurs when the shortener (butter, oil, hydrogenated shortening, or lard) is incorporated into the batter. The fat tends to surround the flour and the other ingredients, breaking the long strands of gluten in the batter or dough into shorter units--hence the term "shorteners." The way in which the fat is incorporated will affect the item's overall texture. Fats that are rubbed or rolled into doughs tend to separate the dough into large layers, creating a flaky texture. When the fat is thoroughly creamed together with sugar so that it can be mixed evenly throughout the batter, the resulting item's texture will be more cake-like and tender. Fat also helps to retain moisture in the finished product. In addition to the fats and oils commonly considered shorteners, egg yolks, soft cheeses, cream, and milk may also fall into this category because they contain a relatively high percentage of fat.
Suitable for general industrial baking, biscuit fillings and creaming agent
Made from fully refined and fractionated palm oil with a bland taste, itis specially texturized to impart good plasticity and enhance the use atambient temperature

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