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phospho lipase enzymes
The main effect of the bakery enzymes Vemozyme PHL is replacement or considerable reduction of emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL and CSL, due to its special effect on polar lipids and broad substrate specificity on lipids as well. The final compounds represent “natural” emulsifiers, resulting in more uniform and white crumb structure, increased volume, better aroma and increased shelf-life of baked bread.
Vemozyme PHL is a well-balanced mixture of specially selected Lipases and Phospholipases, designed especially for bakery applications.
Efficacy and characteristicas:
1) Lipase acting on triglycerides prevents binding of glutenin which determine the elasticity and adhesion of the dough to ensure the large glutenin so that enhance dough gluten. In addition, triglycerides hydrolysis is conducive to the formation of the phospholipid, triglycerides hydrolysis is conducive to the formation of the phospholipid to enhance gluten network, to increase the muscular force of the dough, to improve the rheological characteristics of flour protein, to increase dough strength, resistance stirred and the quick expansion capacity when bread into the furnace which make the bread structure fine and uniform, heart tissue soft and taste better.
2) It can whiting flour: lipase break down fat into the fat-soluble pigment explained, greater access solution space with oxygen. The pigment oxidation fade then reach secondary brightening effect.
3) The lipase hydrolyzed fat into monoacylglycerol and diacylglycerol. Monoacylglycerol can be combined with the starch, thus delaying the aging of the starch. The supporting strength of the bread can be enhanced using a lipase in bread to improve flavor. Using lipase in the noodle and dough, the natural lipids can be modified and generated lipid and starch composite, amylose can be prevented in the process of expansion and cooked exudation, reduce spots appeared on the dough.
The recommended dosage is 0.1-2g/100kg(1-20 ppm).
The optimum dosage depends on the quality of flour.

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