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Polyquaternium 44
Appearance:Light yellow to yellow viscou
Synonyms:1-Methyl-3-vinylimidazolium methyl sulfate-N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone copolymer;l-poly[(3-methyl-1-vinylimidazolium methyl sulfate)-co-(1-vinylpyrrolidone)];polyquaternium-44;luviquattm ms 370;poly[(3-methyl-1-vinylimidazolium methyl sulfate)-co-(1-vinylpyrrolidone)];Polyquaternium D44, Poly[(3-methyl-1-vinylimidazolium methyl sulfate)-co-(1-vinylpyrrolidone)];Luviquat Ultracare
ِDiffination:Polyquaternium-44:  This is a very efficient, multinational polymer for use in a variety of cleansing products to improve the wet combability of the hair and prevent electrostatic charging when the hair is dry. It also protects the hair by forming a shield around each hair so that its surface is less readily attacked. It conditions and provides a smooth silky feel to the hair. The lather creaminess is significantly improved. There are no drawbacks with fine hair regarding volume, accumulation and build-up when used at recommended use levels. It is a viscous clear amber liquid with low odor. (suggested use:0.1-0.5%)
Appearance Light yellow to yellow viscous liquid
Solid content:7±0.5%
pH(1%) 4-7
Viscosity(cps/25℃) 300 to 1000

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