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Potassium nitrate
Potassium nitrate is white granular or white powder,which dissolves in water absolutely.It contains nitrogen and potassium,which can be absorbed by the plant directly,also help other elements to be absorbed quickly and completely.It can be used all kindsof crops,also be used in greenhouse and large-area farmland.it will burnand explode when mixing with organics.It is mainly applied in TV glass,glass refining agent and motor light glass,ceramic and enamel,cigarette paper,concentrating agent etc.
Type:Prill, Crystalline, With anti-caking agent and Without anti-caking agent.    
Specification  Typical
Nitrogen – N 13 %
Potassium – K2O 45 %
Chloride – Cl 0.5 %
Heavy Metals Arsenic,
Use: Used in fireworks to produce purple sparks. The raw material of black powder such as mine powder, fuse and firecracker. Used to produce potassium penicillin, rifampin and other drugs in pharmaceutical industry. Used in cigarette paper production. Used as catalyst and dressing agent. Used in the production of ceramic glaze in ceramic industry. Heat treatment salt bath. Food grade potassium nitrat is used as color former and preservative in food industry like bacon and luncheon me


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