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Enzyme activity:30,000u/g to 80,000u/g
Appearance: Yellow-Brown Powder
In fuel ethanol industry, acid protease can help for improving saccharifying performace and increasing alcohol yield by breaking granulose-stromal cell wall structure. Such hydrolysis would produce large amount of free α-amino nitrogen, which could provide sufficient nitrogen source for microzyme, and further advance the growth and the reproduction of yeast, increase microzyme concentration, enhance fermentation rate and shorten fermentation period, and promote the production capacity of fermentation equipments.
In food industry: As starch modifier, used in the production of bread, cake and sausage to improve the flavor and quality. Used in soy sauce production to increase amino acid content and used in beer to replace papain and bromelain.
In beer industry: can clock the formation of diacetyl and shorten beer maturity.
In feed industry: Accelerate proteolysis, increase feed utilization, reduce production cost.
In fur industry: increase fur surface gloss, raise degree of dyeing and full in touch.

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