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Silicon Dioxide
Purity of SiO2: 96% min
Appearance: white powder
Oil absorption : 2.00-3.00 cm3/g
PH(10% suspension): 5.0-8.0
Loss on drying: 4.0-8.0%
Loss on ignition: 8.5% min
Sodium sulfate: 1.0% max
Heavy metal: 0.003% max
Pb: 0.001% max
As: 0.0003% max
Total aerobic count: 500 cfu/g max
1) Shoes-making industry: rubber outsole reinforcement agent similar to black
carbon. It brings the light color and transparent appearance of rubber outsole
with excellent performance
2) Tyre industry: decreases friction on ground sharply, and increases the tyre
holding on the wet and icy ground. The bonding between curtain threads or
woven material and rubber compound is improved
3) Silicon rubber: its aging, resilience and compression set are increased
4) Plastic industry: increases the plastic products' flexibility, strength and
resistance to water
5) Coating industry: it provides the performance in preventing coating from
aggregating and hanging down. It can increase the viscosity and dull the
coating shine
6) Pharmaceutical industry: it gives a function of increasing the viscosity, floating
and dispersing. It can be a carrier and an anti-lumping agent

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