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Silver Nitrate
Physicochemical Properties:
Colorless transparent rhombic tabular crystal.Relative density 4.35 (19 . Melting point 208.6 . Decompose when heats up to 445 . Easily dissolve in water and ammonia, soluble in ether and anhydrous alcohol. Slightly soluble in anhydrous alcohol, hardly dissolve in strong nitric acid. Solution assumes weak acidity. Pure silver nitrate is stable to face the light. It will become black when contacts with hydrogen sulfide and organic matter. Moist silver nitrate is easily to become dark under the light. As oxidant, it can make protein concrete, has corrosive action to body.Relative molecular mass:169.87.
Applications and Usages:
Uses for making negative of taking pictures, vacuum flask refill and mirror manufacture, but also uses in silver plating, printing, corrosive agent in medicine, hair dye, analytical agent, preparation of other
silver salt and colorfast ink.
Silver Nitrate Specification:
Assay ≥99.8%
Appearance Achromticity crystal
Water insoluble ≤0.005%
Cl ≤0.001%
SO4 ≤0.004%
Fe ≤0.004%
Cu ≤0.001%
Pb ≤0.001%
Bi ≤0.001%
Mn ≤0.00001%
Au 0
HCL non-deposited ≤0.002%

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