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Sodium lactate
Sodium lactate is a compound with formula NaC3H5O3. It is the sodium salt of lactic acid and has a mild saline taste.
It is produced by neutralizing lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation of a sugar source. As a food additive, it has the E number E325. Sodium lactate is naturally a liquid product,
but is also available in powder form.Sodium lactate is commonly used in meat and poultry products to extend shelf life and increase food safety as it has a broad antimicrobial action and
is effective at inhibiting most spoilage and pathogenic bacteria.It may be used in shampoo products and other similar items such as liquid soaps.
Sodium Lactate(food grade):
Product name: Sodium Lactate 60%
Chemical name: Sodium 2-hydroxypropanoate
EU food additive number: E325
Molecular formula: CH3CH(OH)COONa
Molecular weight: 112.06
Description: Colorless to slightly yellowish viscous liquid, it has a mild saline taste, odorless or with a slight, characteristic odor
Form: Liquid
Color (fresh solution): Max.50 Hazen
Stereo chemical purity(L-isomer), %: Min.97%
pH (fresh solution): 6.5-7.5
Density at 20°C: 1.26 g/ml -1.28g/ml
Sodium Assay: 10.3%-10.7%
Cyanide: Max.0.5ppm
Methanol and Methyl Esters: Max.250ppm
Mercury: Max.1ppm
Calcium: Max.10ppm
Iron: Max.10ppm
Chloride: Max.50ppm
Sulphate: Max.20ppm
Arsenic (as As): Max.1ppm
Lead: Max.2ppm
Heavy metals (as Pb): Max.10ppm

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