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Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)
Synonyms:  Sodium Laruyl Sulphate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, SDS, SLS, K12
Molecular Formula: CH3(CH2)nOSO3Na, n=11,13
A. Detergency: tooth paste, shampoo, cosmetic, detergent and so on.
B. Construction: plasterboard, additive of concrete, coating and so on.
C. Pharmaceutical: Medicine, pesticide and so on.
D. Leather: leather soft agent, wool cleaning agent and so on.
E. Paper making: penetrant, flocculating agent, deinking agent and so on.
F. Auxiliaries: texitile auxiliaries, plastic auxiliaries and so on.
G. Fire fighting:  oil well fire fighting, fire fighting device and so on.
H. Mineral choosing: mine flotation, coal water mixture and so on.
I. Rubber latex
J. PVC Paste Resin.
K. Electrolyzation of Manganese Dioxide.
Good Emulsifying, foaming, osmosis, detergency and dispersing performances.
Dissolves in the water easily.
Compatibility with anion and non-ionic.
Fast biodegradability.
Item Unit Standard of Analysis
Appearance - white powder
Content of Active Matter %wt ≥92
Content of Water %wt ≤2%
Content of Inorganic Salt %wt ≤5
PH Value-7.5-9.5
Content of Petroleum ether soluble substances %wt≤1.5
Whiteness wg ≥95

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