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Sucralose is a white powder,  non-caloric, high intensity sweetener made from sugar
600 -650 times sweeter than cane sugar. Sucralose has been approved for using in foods
and beverages by FAO/WHO in more than 40 countries including Canada, Australia and China.
1)  High sweetness, 600-650 times sweetness than cane sugar
2)  No Calorie, without leading to put weight
3)  Pure tastes like sugar and without unpleasant aftertaste
4)  Absolutely safe to human body and suitable for all kinds of people
5)  Without leading to tooth decay or dental plaque
6)  Good solubility and excellent stability
1)  Carbonated drinks and still beverages
2)  Jams, jelly, milk prodcts, syrup,confections
3)  Baked goods, desserts
4)  Ice cream, cake, udding, wine, fruit can, etc. 
Specification    Sucralose    powder/granular
Sweeteness    600 times sweetness than sugar
Molecular Fornula    C12H19CL3O8
Molecular Weight    397.64
Properies    Suitable Temperature    not more than 1000C
Suitable PH    5-7
ADI    0.015/kg
LD50    20g/kg
Solubility    0.22g/ml
beverage,baking food,canned food,sauce,vinegar,soy sauce,compound seasonings,pickles......
Suggested dosage    

1) beverage,baking food,canned food,sauce,vinegar,soy sauce,compound      seasonings,pickles:025/kg
2) fermented milk and flavored milk:0.25g/kg
3) concentrated fruit and vegetable juice,powder drinks:1.25g/kg
jam and jelly:0.45g/kg(4
5) candied fruit,candy:1.5g/kg

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