Xanthan Gum
Structure formula:(C35H49O29)n
Size 80/100/200mesh
Appearance: near to white or light-yellow powder . Usage: It is widely applied in the food, medicine, pesticide, drilling, daily washing, textile printing and dying, tobacco, paper making, fire fighting, and other industries.
Xanthan Gum, which is mainly made from starch, is a high molecular weight polysaccharide produced by fermentation with Xanthomonas Campestris under the conditions of special nutrient medium, PH, O2-supply and temperature, the purified, dried and milled into white-like or light-yellow free-flowing powder.
Xanthan Gum can be widely used in more than twenty industrial fields, such as food pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agriculture, oil drilling, and so on. Comparing with other kinds of gum, xanthan gum has many advantages:
1. Outstanding viscosity-enhancing property and solubility in water.
2. Unique pseudo-plasticity rheological property of xanthan gum makes it high-efficient emulsifier and stabilizer.
3. Excellent stability to large range of temperature and PH change.
4. Stable compatibility with acid, alkaline, brine, enzyme, surface active agent, antiseptic, oxidant and other thickener.
5. Perfect synergistic action when compounding with guar gum, locust bean gum and other gums.
1.Food Grade Xanthan Gum
Be widely used as salt/acid resistant thickener, high efficient suspension agent and emulsifier, high viscosity filing agent in various food, beverage, feedstuff and pet-food. It can not only enhance the performance of water-keeping and shape-keeping, but also improve the freeze/thaw stability and mouth-feeling of the products. Meanwhile, it can extend the shelf life of the products.
2. Pharmaceutical & Fine Chemical Grade Xanthan Gum
Be used as thickener and stabilizer in liquid or ointment medicine, cosmetic, oral care products, household lotion. It can bring excellent effectiveness, such as improving the products shapping and mouth-feeling, preventing the products delamination, convenient for feeling & extrusion, helping products spreading & absorbability.
3.Industrial Grade Xanthan Gum
Acting as an thickener and stabilizer, Industrial Grade Xanthan Gum can be applied to many industrial fields, such as oil drilling, pesticide, pottery & porcelain, printing & dyeing, paint, paper-making, mine-extraction, and so on.
It is specially produced as mud additive for oil drilling. Being an environment friendly and high efficiency mud additive, it has an excellent tolerance to a wide range of temperature, PH and salinity. It can extremely increase the mud penetrative rate and suspension ability to the drilling-cuttings. Meanwhile, it can also reduce the pressure loss during drilling, stabilize the well-bore, prevent the damage to oil formation, and improve the efficiency of drilling, work-over and completion

The Applications & Functionalities Xanthan Gum
Proportioning (%)     Functionalities

Dairy Drink     0.01 - 0.2  Thickener,Suspension Agent,Anti-Delamination,Foaming Agent
Ice Cream     0.1 - 0.3     Increase Micro-hole,Ice Crystallization Resistance,Improve Mouth-Feeling & Stability
Gel Food     0.5 - 1.5     Thickner,Promote Gel Formation,Improve Thicker
Salad Dressing     0.1 - 0.3     Thickener,Shape-Keeper,Deydrate Resistance,Improve Mouth-Feeling,Convenient for Blending
Sausage & Luncheon Meat     0.2 - 0.3     Convenient for Filling & Shape Formation,Dehydrate Resistance,Tenderizing Food.
Instant Food     0.2 - 0.3     Improve Flexinbility & Mouth-Feeling,Shape Keeper,Save Oil Consumption
Bakery Products     0.1 - 0.3     Heating Stablizer,Foaming Agent, Water-Keeper,Improve Mouth-Feeling,Extend Shelf Life.
Pickled Food     0.2 - 0.3     Shape-Keeper,Watrt-Keeper,Water-Keeper,Flavor-Keeper Flavor-Keeper

Description: Cream White free flowing powder
Mesh Size: 80mesh/120mesh/200 mesh
Loss on Drying: 13% max
pH ( 1 % Solution ): 6.0-8.0
Viscosity ( 1 % Solution ): 1200 cps min
Shearing Ratio: 6.0 min
Ash: 13% max
Pyruvic Acid: 1.5% min
V1: V2: 1.02-1.45
Total Nitrogen: 1.5% max
Heavy Metals: Less than 10ppm
As:Less than 3ppm
Lead: Less than 5ppm
Total Plate Count:Less than 2000cfu/g
Mould / Yeast: Less than 100cfu/g
Staphylococcus: Negative
Salmonella: Negative
Coliform: Negative

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