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Yeast Extract/ Yeast Extract Powder
Nutritional Yeast Powder takes yeast as raw materials to produce the nutrient flavor by advanced biological technology. Yeast extract using chitosan derived from natural substances, thereby to accelerate autolysis of yeast without the unwanted problems of organic solvents. It contains many kinds of Amino acids, peptides (enrich glutathione), nucleotides flavor, non-cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, microelement and vitamin B.
Analysis of Halal Yeast Extract
Appearance:Powder; light yellow to yellow powder
Light Yellow Powder
Odor:Characteristic odor of yeast; no external obvious impurity
Total nitrogen, %≥5.0
Dry matter, %≥94.0
Salt(Nacl),  %≤
Ash, %≤8.0
Application of Nutritional Yeast Powder :
bouillon & stock cube
meat products
savory flavors
snack products
instant noodles (vermicelli, rice flour,etc)
Reference Dosage of Nutritional Yeast Powder
Health-care food: 0.2%~5%(percentage to the quality)
Cooked meet food: 0.05%~0.4%(percentage to the quality)
Seafood: 0.1%~0.3%(percentage to the quality)
Preserved food: 0.02%~0.5%(percentage to the quality)
Instant food: 0.1%~0.5%(percentage to the quality)
Fruit/vegetable drinks and cakes: 0.02%~0.08%(percentage to the quality)

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