Zinc stearate
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Zinc stearate
Zinc stearate is light white tiny powder,dissolved in hot alcohol,benzene and turpentiny,but not dissolved in water.it can be decomposed into stearic acid and corresponding salt by strong acid,the product possesses water absorbability in air.
they are widely used as lubricants,slipping agents,heat stabilizers,mould releasingagents and accelearants in plastic,machinery engineering,rubber,paints and inks industry etc
Plastic grade zinc stearate
1, In the rigid PVC products as heat stabilizer, coordination and basic lead salt and lead soap, can increase the gelation speed.
2, in the polypropylene and polyethylene as halogen absorber, can eliminate the adverse effect of resin catalyst residues in the color and stability of the resin.
3,is also used for polyolefin fiber and molding lubricant.
4, in rubber processing as demoulding agent, plasticizer, lubricating grease thickening agent, textiles waterproofing agent, paint industry as a flatting agent etc..
5, this product also can be used as a food additive, feed additive, cosmetics etc..
Item    index
Zinc content    10.3-11.3
Free Fatty Acid    1.0% Max
Moisture    1.0% Max
Melting Point °C 120±5
Fineness (Thr.Mesh 200)    99.5 Min

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