Cherry Oil

Product detail
1. Popular Cherry flavor
2.liquid(oil soluble)
3.ISO9001:2008 ISO22000:2005 HACCP

1.popular Cherry flavour .
2.Liquid ,and easily dissolved to oil.
3.It has pure and fresh Cherry profile . Used in many kinds of food.Especially applied in confectionery,biscuit
or cake,etc.
4.high temperature resistence.

1.Biscuit,break,cake,snack(Heat stable)
2.Beverage,ice cream,many fruit flavours are supplied
3.confectionery, hard and soft candy
5.Bubble gum,chewing gum,chewy gum
6.other foodstuff

cold pressed cherry kernel oil 100%
Virgin, Unrefined
HACCP certified
Without metal oils or chemicals
We press cherry kernels to produce a fresh oil, used in skin and hair products.
Our Oil is virgin, unrefined, cold pressed, HACCP certified. Without any additives.
The seeds are pressed in the most natural way available to produce the oil.
Laboratory research reported in 2011 in the medical journal “Phytotherapy Research” concluded that cherry seed
oil, also known as cherry kernel oil, has a “powerful capacity” to shield skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. As a base
oil in soap or cream, cherry seed oil is similar to the more familiar sweet almond oil. It has moisturizing properties,
but falls into the “semidrying” class, meaning that it’s especially useful for people with oily skin.

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