It′s a natural emulsifier obtained from the crushing of soybeans composed of a complex mixture of different continents. It can be used in the bio-chemical studies, also to make emulsifying agent, lubricant and as the source for phosphate and essential fatty Acids etc. Such as Bakery foods, biscuits, ice-cone, cheese, dairy products, confectionary, instant foods, beverage, margarine; animal feed, Aqua feed: leather fat liquor, paint & coating, explosive, ink, fertilizer, cosmetic and so on

Bakery: Better dispersion, mixing and blending, crisp, reduce viscosity and baking time
Chocolate:Save cocoa butter, lower viscosity, easy to process, prevent frosting and drying, taste better
Candy:Enhanced wettability, forming a smooth and non-sticky surface, good shelf life
Margarine, Shortening:Better emulsifying and dispersion.
Release agent:Reduce viscosity, easy to release finished product, easy to clean up
Beverage:Strengthen emulsifying, wetting and stability
Dairy products:Improved dispersion, wetting and rich nutritional supplement
Meat product (can/freeze/sausage):Prevent fat separation and dialysis, reduce fat covering
Infant formula:Supply essential nutrient for brain growth, promote nerve cells growth
Feed:Supplement nutrition, promote metabolism
Test Item  Standard   
Appearance     Tawny Viscous Liquid
Acetone insoluble %≥ 60
Moisture %≤ 1.0
Ether insoluble %≤ 1.0
Acid value (mgKOH/g)≤  30
Color, Gardner 5%≤ 14

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