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Povidone iodine
USP/EP Name: Povidone Iodine/PVP Iodine
Chemical Name: Complex of PVP with lodine
CTFA Nomenclature: PVP-Iodine
Synonyms: betadine;isodine;1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone polymers iodine
Molecular Formula: (C6H9NO)n.XI
A reddish brown, free-flowing amorphous powder;
Effective to extinguish bacterial virus, fungus without irritation;
PVP-I (Povidone Iodine) is a stable chemical complex of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and elemental iodine, which is completely soluble in water, ethanol etc. PVP-Iodine can extinguish bacterial, virus, fungus effectively. It is a stable complex with no irritation, which can dissolve in water completely.
PH (10% in water) 1.5-5.0
Iodine ≤6.6%
Loss on drying ≤8.0%
Heavy metals ≤10 ppm
Sulphated ash ≤0.1%
Available Iodine 9-12%
Nitrogen 9.5-11.5%
Skin and mucous membrane antisepsis;
Surgical and hygienic hand disinfection;
Treatment of burns, decubitus, and varicose ulcers;
Treatment of dermatomycosis, pyoderma, acne and vaginitis

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