Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate

Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate (TKPP) is a potassium phosphate derivative with excellent chelating capabilities and a variety of food and industrial uses. Technical grade Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate is used in many industrial applications such as surface treatment, paint and coatings, boiler descaling, detergent manufacturing, mining of ore and clay, oil drilling, and synthetic rubber production. TKPP also has a higher solubility in water treatment formulations than sodium derivatives. Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate is used in food applications as an additive in meats, poultry, and seafoods.
Chemical name : tetrapotassium pyrophosphate
Formula: K4P2O7
Molecular weight: 330.35
Loss on ignition≤2%
Water insoluble matter≤2%
heavy metals≤10ppm
Application:It is used as quality improver, sequestrant,emulsifier,and texturizer in processed meats. It is an excellent protein modifier for meats. Recommended for use in low sodium meats.
colorless or white crystals, or white crystalline granular or powder. It is hygroscopic. It is very soluble in water, but is insoluble in alcohol. The pH of a 1:100 aqueous solution is about 10.5
Emulsifying Salts
rearrange cheese proteins in the manufacture of processed cheese, in order to prevent fat separation.
permit the permanent dispersion of tiny globules of one liquid in another, such as oil droplets dispersed in the vinegar solution of a salad dressing. They also improve the volume, uniformity, and fineness of grain in bread and rolls.
pH-Adjusting Agents
reduce, increase, or maintain the acidity of food which can affect microbiological quality, cooking results, flavour and texture. Some are also components of leavening agents which make baked products light and fluffy.
Sequestering Agents
combine with metallic elements in food, thereby preventing their taking part in reactions leading to colour or flavour deterioration. For example, the addition of a sequestrant to canned lima beans prevents darkening of the product because the iron ions and other trace metals in the canning water are bound by the additive and consequently are unavailable for other reactions.
Miscellaneous Agents
include a variety of other food additives, such as carbonating agents in soft drinks, plasticizing agents in gum, filtering and clarifying agents in beer, deodorizing agents in fats and oils, foaming agents in beverages, and tableting aids..
tetra potassium phosphate is in white powder or granular. Relative density 2.534 g/cm3 and melting point 1109°C; It is apt to absorb humidity in the open air to deliquescent; Soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol, and at 25°C,its solubility in water is 187g/100g water; It can chelate with alkaline metals ions or heavy metal ions.

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